WELCOME to The Atikokan Arts Centre

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Located in a small town in Northwestern Ontario, the Atikokan Arts Centre is a Non-Profit multi-arts organization. The organization operates a facility that includes an art gallery, a theatre, and several studio spaces for arts and crafts activities. It is located at 110 Clark Street near the Town of Atikokan’s Town Hall.

The Centre has been providing both youth and adults in the Atikokan area with a variety of exhibitions, events, programs and activities for over ten years. Local, national and international talents have showcased their artwork or performed at the Centre. The Atikokan Arts Centre is a great venue for Music, Art and Theatre.

Workshops in drawing. painting. photography, printmaking and pottery have been held in the centre’s spacious studios, while courses in theatre, dance and music were held in the performing arts space.

During 2010 the Atikokan Arts Centre conducted some needed strategic planning, thanks to the generosity of the Government of Canada. It is hoped that the Centre can find the financial means and where with all to continue providing arts programming in the isolated northwest region of Ontario.